Private Lactation Help!

Calm and intimate. From the comfort of your home.




I am a private pay consultant. Each client consultation will take place from the comfort of your home. The initial consultation is approximately 90 minutes. Through the course of the visit, we will address areas of concern, weight of the infant before and after feeding, positioning techniques, assessment of mom, evaluation of the infant’s mouth and tongue, transitioning and support and plan of care with a follow-up care plan as well. The appointment is not limited to the above. I will work with you to make sure all needs are met and that you are aware of the plan of care and have the tools you need to achieve it.

I take extreme pride in a family-centered approach and feel as though it is in the best interest of your family to not rush the process. For those interested, I do provide a billing form that you can submit to your insurance company. I am not responsible if reimbursement is not granted. All consultations are a minimum of $100 regardless of time spent. Payment for my service is due at the completion of our visit. All forms of payment are acceptable. Internet consultation is subject to lactation consultant approval and is on a follow-up basis only.

Schedule a session to establish a practical step-by-step plan you can use every day with your baby.