Breastfeeding Assistance From
The Comfort Of Your Home

Latching Problems

Tongue tie, positioning techniques, weaning from nipple shield.

Infant Weight Gain

Weights before and after feeding.


Exclusive pumping, increasing supply.


Management, comfort measures,  minimizing.

Sore Nipples

Remedies and care.

Returning to Work

Bonding concerns, supply management, making it work.

Premature Infants

Keeping baby awake, positioning techniques, nipple shield use.


Foods, skin, gas, colic.


Positioning, transitioning to two, milk supply.

Increasing Milk Supply

Pumping techniques, supplement use and more.

Infant Feeding

Support, positioning, working with your partner, adjusting to life with a newborn.


Decreasing supply, how much does baby need? how long?

Schedule a session to establish a practical step-by-step plan you can use every day with your baby.